IRAN – Pastors suffering in prison

An Iranian pastor has reportedly been tortured in prison while a second says he was beaten violently. A third prisoner is eight weeks into a hunger strike. Pastor Silas Rabbani, who was arrested on May 5, has reportedly been tortured in Gohardasht prison, near Karaj. Sources say he has been accused of ‘apostasy’ though notContinue reading “IRAN – Pastors suffering in prison”

Christian Converts Arrested at Easter Service in Iran

4/28/2014 Iran (Mohabat News)    Human rights news sources in Iran have reported that Iranian authorities in plain-clothes raided a house-church holding an Easter Service resulting in arrests. The five arrested have been identified as Ehsan Sadeghi, Nazi and Maryam Asadi, Vahid Safi, and Amin Mazloomi. There are no details available on their whereabouts andContinue reading “Christian Converts Arrested at Easter Service in Iran”

This regime is simply barbaric-British Woman May Face Execution in Iran for Insulting Islam

  British woman, Roya Nobakht may face execution for insulting Islam. The notes from Dr. Azam’s medical journal include a crushed toe, broken fingers, missing fingernails, broken ribs, a skull fracture, severe abdominal bruising, marks of flogging on her back and feet [and] extensive damage to her genitals. Dutch authorities expressed shock and sadness overContinue reading “This regime is simply barbaric-British Woman May Face Execution in Iran for Insulting Islam”

UN report blasts Iran for persecution of Christians, other religious minorities

      Benjamin  Weinthal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies reported on Fox News that—The election last year of self-professed moderate President Hassan Rouhani has not brought Iran’s Christians any relief, according to a new United Nations report which finds the Islamic Republic’s Bible believers more persecuted than ever. The detailed report findsContinue reading “UN report blasts Iran for persecution of Christians, other religious minorities”

Pray for Couple Arrested by Secret Police

  A married couple who are part of a key ministry outreach in Iran have been arrested by secret police. The couple were questioned over multiple days, and it is possible that police are aware of others involved in their work. Police confiscated computers and other materials from their home during the raid. Please prayContinue reading “Pray for Couple Arrested by Secret Police”

IRAN – Church hit by number of arrests

January 16, 2014   The Iranian authorities made a number of arrests targeting Christians over Christmas and the new year. Security officials arrested four Christians in Karaj on December 31 as they celebrated the new year in a private home. Plain-clothes officers beat them, searched the property and confiscated many personal belongings, including family photos,Continue reading “IRAN – Church hit by number of arrests”

Convert from Islam Flees Iranian Authorities’ Torture, Threats

ICC Note: An Iranian Christian remains in hiding after having received numerous threats and abuses as a result of his faith in Christ. Armin Davoodi, a recent convert was threatened with death earlier this year by Iranian secret police. His family continues to face regular harassment both from Iranian authorities as well as from vandalsContinue reading “Convert from Islam Flees Iranian Authorities’ Torture, Threats”

Iranian Appeals Court Upholds Christian Prisoners’ Sentences

  10/24/2013 Iran (Mohabat News) – According to Mohabat News, Shiraz appeals court upheld sentences for six Christians totaling 20 years of imprisonment. These prisoners are currently being held in “Ebrat” ward of Adel-abad prison. The trial was held in Branch 15 of Shiraz Judicial Courts, and chaired by Judges Hosseini and Barati. An initial courtContinue reading “Iranian Appeals Court Upholds Christian Prisoners’ Sentences”