Widowed after police brutality, a mother-of-five puts her faith in God

Hoa* became a widow when her husband De*, a Hmong Christian leader, was tortured and murdered by the local Vietnamese police earlier this year. When she heard of her husband’s death, she was pregnant with their fifth child. When ICC’s partner met Hoa in Thailand where she was seeking asylum, she was due at anyContinue reading “Widowed after police brutality, a mother-of-five puts her faith in God”

Church in Vietnam Asks for Help After 5 Months of Attacks from Authorities

Five Months of Attacks on Mennonite Church in Vietnam Prompt SOS Christians harassed at center, homes and workplaces.   ICC Note: In Vietnam, on Wednesday, Nov 12, thugs wielding hammers and metal cutters ransacked a church center and dragged away nine Christians. They were then charged with not having proper papers – documents officials hadContinue reading “Church in Vietnam Asks for Help After 5 Months of Attacks from Authorities”

VIETNAM – Police attack Mennonite centre

November 18, 2014 Vietnamese police and ‘armed thugs’ ransacked a Mennonite centre and arrested Christians for not having ID papers that officials had confiscated previously. Officials and ‘hired hands’ wielded hammers and metal-cutters as they attacked the Mennonite Christian centre in Ben Cat, north of Ho Chi Minh City, last week. Among those detained andContinue reading “VIETNAM – Police attack Mennonite centre”

Pray for Bible School Students

Nov. 13, 2014 | Vietnam On Sunday Nov. 2, a group of people wearing masks began throwing stones at a Bible School church in southern Vietnam during a worship service. Nearly 300 people threw stones and other objects at the church, breaking many windows that had been repaired after the school was attacked in June.Continue reading “Pray for Bible School Students”

Vietnam Policeman Held Over Christian Leader’s Death in Custody

10/23/2014 Vietnam (UCANews)   The Vietnamese daily Tien Phong reported that investigations have been opened into the case of Hoang Van Ngai, who died in police custody in March of last year. The following month, police released an official report claiming the 38-year-old Christian leader had committed suicide “by electric shock” following an arrest on unknown charges.Continue reading “Vietnam Policeman Held Over Christian Leader’s Death in Custody”

Secret Bible School in Vietnam

    At the back of Huu and Nguyet’s house 20 men and 3 women have their noses buried in Bibles. Pastor Huu uses Open Doors materials to disciple these tribal folk. This is a secret Bible school for tribal pastors. Some students come from Cambodia by bicycle. Huu has been imprisoned twice by the communistContinue reading “Secret Bible School in Vietnam”