No right of religious choice.

    Nadia Mohammed Ali and her seven children were all sentenced to 15 years in prison by a court in Beni Suef recently, after being convicted of apostasy. Nadia had converted from Christianity to Islam 23 years ago to marry a Muslim man. But when he died in 1991, Nadia returned to Christianity and gave herContinue reading “No right of religious choice.”

More Chinese Church leaders imprisoned

Seven house church leaders given long prison sentences 26th April, 2013 On 1 April, seven house church leaders in Henan Several Chinese house church leaders were given prison sentences ranging from three to seven and a half years, according to the well-known Christian lawyer Li Baiguang. Their defence lawyers received the verdict and sentencing papers lastContinue reading “More Chinese Church leaders imprisoned”


Apostasy, leaving Islam, is expected to become a punishable offence under a new sharia penal code that is being introduced in Brunei. Sharia prescribes the death penalty for an adult male apostate. The government of Brunei promotes the Shafii school of Sunni Islam Daniel Weiss / CC BY-SA 3.0 The sultan of Brunei announced on 22 OctoberContinue reading “CONVERTS TO ISLAM ENDANGERED AS BRUNEI INTRODUCES SHARIA PENALTIES”

Christian Leaders Plea for Military Help to Disarm Muslim Insurgency, Prevent Genocide

  Now that the Seleka rebels have either laid down their arms or fled the danger is of Christian vigilante revenge attacks and apparently most Muslims are fleeing the country. Pray for peace and a new stable government where all citizens have equal rights. Also for the church to bring the only message of realContinue reading “Christian Leaders Plea for Military Help to Disarm Muslim Insurgency, Prevent Genocide”

Sichuan’s Ethnic Corridor

  The Central, Kham and Amdo Tibetans are the 3 main Tibetans groups of China, and they each speak Tibetan languages and dialects, though they are mutually unintelligible.  They also have a written script that also varies somewhat between languages.  Only Buddhist monks and others who have been educated can read Tibetan, but these daysContinue reading “Sichuan’s Ethnic Corridor”

Papua New Guinea (Irian Jaya) genocide

  Papua  or Irian Jaya is the western half of the island of New Guinea in the South Pacific Ocean. The Christian church need to know what the Indonesian authorities are doing here, using British-made weapons!  Papuan People. Only 50 yrs after MAF opened up the interior for pioneer missionaries, Papuan Christians face genocide ByContinue reading “Papua New Guinea (Irian Jaya) genocide”

Russia: seven churches burned in one year in Tatarstan

by Nina Achmatova Political and spiritual leaders concerned about rising fundamentalism in the Russian autonomous republic with a Muslim majority. Spiritual leaders invite people not to give in to provocations. Local priest: ” The Wahhabis are the culprits.” Moscow (AsiaNews) – Churches burned, attacks foiled and increased pressure on Christians to convert to Islam. InContinue reading “Russia: seven churches burned in one year in Tatarstan”

EGYPT 14 year-old Christian girl abducted

This is a classic case repeated scores of times in this sad society. Pray for the security and human rights of Christians which was promised after Morsi and Muslim brotherhood came into power (now deposed) Over 500 Christian girls kidnapped by Muslims since revolution 9th November, 2012  Sarah Ishaq Abdelmalek (pictured) is a 14-year-old Coptic Christian girlContinue reading “EGYPT 14 year-old Christian girl abducted”