Education of women in Islamic countries

Day 19 Women’s education Muslim extremism bans the education of girls and women holding positions in society. In Egypt 40% of women are illiterate and the position is worse in Morocco, Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan. This situation is changing or has changed in Iraq, UAE, Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia.   Pray for schooling for girlsContinue reading “Education of women in Islamic countries”

South African Muslims

Day  16   South African Muslims       Approximately 700,000 Islam is attractive to poor, rural blacks and prisoners. It is growing fast. Christianity is a ‘white man’s religion’. Islam brings education and food. Interfaith is strong so people may be deluded into thinking Allah is the true God. Believers must reach out toContinue reading “South African Muslims”

Land of the Moors

Very small church (perhaps 700 folk) needing wisdom in a place of violent oppression, teaching on integrity in handling finances, and the establishment of stable marriages. There are many broken families (divorces) and orphans with no father.Few Christian couples to set an example. (see slides below-click to enlarge.)       Pray for the HassaniyaContinue reading “Land of the Moors”

Egyptian kidnappings and rapes.

The “Arab Spring”, instead of bringing increased freedom for Christian girls in Egypt, has intensified the danger they are in. Over 500 have been abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men against their will since the revolution of January 2011. A Christian NGO, the Association of Victims of Abduction and Enforced DisappearanceContinue reading “Egyptian kidnappings and rapes.”

Vietnamese repression

Vietnam: As Western Influence Expands, the Church in Vietnam Continues to Suffer   A McDonalds store in open for business in neighboring Thailand. In July, McDonald’s announced they would be opening their first location in Vietnam, a country formerly closed to most major Western businesses. Doors Open to the West, but Closed to Religious Freedom  Continue reading “Vietnamese repression”

The Hui of China-Ramadan prayer for Muslim world

      Muslim Hui of China who fear the idol Allah.Unlike all of the other designated minority groups in China, the Hui are not distinguished by a unique language.  Their western ancestors married in to local families, and Hui people now speak Chinese.  Instead, they are distinguished by their continued adherence to Islam. MoreContinue reading “The Hui of China-Ramadan prayer for Muslim world”