Somali and Eritrean Christians’ Dangerous Journey to Freedom

Al Shabaab militants ICC Note: Eritrea and Somalia are two of the nations most hostile to Christianity.  The recent sinking of a migrant ship in Italian waters loaded with Eritrean and Somali refugees, many of whom were Christians, highlights their desperation. Just as the pursuit of religious freedom drove European settlers to what is nowContinue reading “Somali and Eritrean Christians’ Dangerous Journey to Freedom”


Published: 12:00 GMT Daylight Time – Friday 04 October 2013 Project(s): 17-1152 Country/Region: Africa, Guinea Christian families in Guinea are in a desperate plight, having been forced to live in makeshift shelters in the bush after their homes were destroyed in a severe outbreak of violence. Barnabas is providing aid. Barnabas has sent aid to help Christians drivenContinue reading “GUINEAN CHRISTIANS FORCED TO FLEE VIOLENCE NEED HELP; SOME LOST EVERYTHING”

INDIA: Pastor and wife beaten, as attacks increase in Karnataka

  3rd October, 2013 Radical Hindus broke up a church service and beat the pastor and his wife (pictured). The extremists then called the police, who arrested the couple. Pastor Hemachandra Hebal (39) leads a Gypsy Church at Tarikere in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka. He and his wife Elizabeth (35) and their three youngContinue reading “INDIA: Pastor and wife beaten, as attacks increase in Karnataka”

Another un-reached people and badly treated by the Soviets.

Yagnob, Yagnobi of Tajikistan The Yagnobi people are an ethnic minority in Tajikistan. The Soviet Union forced resettlement in 1957 and 1970 from the Yagnob mountains to the semi-desert lowlands of Tajikistan. Red Army helicopters were sent to evacuate the population. Some Yagnobians died of shock in helicopters as they were moved to the plains.Continue reading “Another un-reached people and badly treated by the Soviets.”


  A pastor, his wife and three other church workers have been arrested in West Aceh, accused of influencing 70 Muslims to convert to Christianity. The five were detained on 4 September in a joint raid by the sharia and municipal police on Pastor Henri Budi Kusumo’s house in Johan Pahlawan. Two converts from IslamContinue reading “FIVE CHRISTIANS ARRESTED OVER CONVERSION OF 70 MUSLIMS IN ACEH”

Muslim Family Torture and Attempt to Bury Alive Christian Convert

ICC Note: Morning Star News reports that a Sudanese woman was repeatedly tortured and abused by her own family after they learned of her conversion from Islam to Christianity. Family member kept her in isolation, while repeatedly beating her in a effort to force her to renounce he new found faith. When they were unable to overcome the strengthContinue reading “Muslim Family Torture and Attempt to Bury Alive Christian Convert”

Pastor Severely Burned in Acid Attack

Sources: VOM Sources, The Washington Post Psalm 30:2 A pastor in Zanzibar, Tanzania, has suffered severe burns after having acid poured on him by one or more Muslims just outside an Internet café. Pastor Anselm Mwang’amba, 61, received burns on his face, chest and arms. VOM sources report that although Mwang’amba cried out for help,Continue reading “Pastor Severely Burned in Acid Attack”

Another unreached people.

Dongnu of China The Dongnu inhabit a geographically widespread area across 15 counties in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and as far west as Funing County in southeastern Yunnan Province. The Dongnu live in an ethnically complex region. For centuries they have interacted with people from other minority groups, such as the Yao, Miao, andContinue reading “Another unreached people.”