Release International message

December 19, 2013 THANK YOU… for your support and prayers in 2013 In many nations, 2013 has been a tough year to follow Christ. So we stand with persecuted Christians around the world to thank God for his steadfast love and his peace which is above all circumstances. And we thank you, on their behalf,Continue reading “Release International message”

PAKISTAN – Punjab Christian accused of ‘blasphemous notes’

Tricked by a Neighbor to ‘Blaspheme,’ Sentenced to LifeImran Masih a Christian living in Pakistan was sentenced to life imprisonment after being tricked by his neighbor to burn an Arabic textbook with Islamic verses. Imran is currently languishing in prison and waiting for his appeal to be heard by the Lahore High Court. Due toContinue reading “PAKISTAN – Punjab Christian accused of ‘blasphemous notes’”

Two women were arrested for distributing leaflets about Christianity

12/11/2013 13:57 INDIA Karnataka, Christmas sees return of Hindu fundamentalist persecution Two women were arrested for distributing leaflets about Christianity . A mob of extremists threaten to launch a mass protest , to punish “those who practice conversions”. President of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC ), tells AsiaNews: “A shameful attack, as plannedContinue reading “Two women were arrested for distributing leaflets about Christianity”

Interview with a Persecuted Christian from Sri Lanka

    ICC Note: Christian persecution in Sri Lanka is rising at a dramatic rate. Buddhist nationalists, who believe they must preserve Sri Lanka’s Buddhist heritage by whatever means necessary, have gained influence on the island nation and are bringing to lead mobs against churches and pastors. As of November, Christians in Sri Lanka haveContinue reading “Interview with a Persecuted Christian from Sri Lanka”

North Korea Satellite Images Expose Vast Prison Camps

ICC Note: New images obtained by human rights group Amnesty International show that North Korea’s vast system of concentration camp style imprisonment is alive and well. As many as 200,000 political prisoners are believed to be held in the six camps, where they are forced into extremely difficult manual labor on starvation rations. Survivors reportContinue reading “North Korea Satellite Images Expose Vast Prison Camps”

Mexico Sees Increase in Religious Freedom Violations

Mexico: CSW report finds “significant” increase in religious freedom violations   ICC Note: New reports are being released by indicating the increase of religious freedom violations in Mexico in the last few years. Included is the discussion of religious discrimination and the failure of the courts to prosecute “those responsible for criminal acts linked toContinue reading “Mexico Sees Increase in Religious Freedom Violations”

Blasphemy Law “Reform” in Pakistan Detrimental to Christians

12/11/2013  Pakistan (Daily Times)   The Federal Shariat Court ordered the Pakistan government to implement a decision made in 1990 that violators of the blasphemy laws should only by punished by death, as opposed to having a life imprisonment option. The situation is recognized in Great Britain as being highly dangerous for Christians, as the lawContinue reading “Blasphemy Law “Reform” in Pakistan Detrimental to Christians”

USCIRF Reports 12,000 People Killed in Anti-Christian Violence in Northern Nigeria Since Beginning of 2012

December 11th, 2013 NIGERIA: Christians Killed and Displaced by Boko Haram The Gwoza Christian community in southern Borno state has faced increased attacks from Boko Haram insurgents in recent months. Thousands have fled to refugee camps established near the Cameroon border. As of May 2013, more than 60 Christians had been killed and thousands displaced from many villages in theContinue reading “USCIRF Reports 12,000 People Killed in Anti-Christian Violence in Northern Nigeria Since Beginning of 2012”

Radical Islam Targets African Christians

It seems to me this is the clearest and most obvious spiritual battlefront and one of the deadliest in the world today.  ICC Note: African Islamists, often with outside support, are engaged in religious cleansing campaigns across central and northern Africa. The jihadists are  interconnected at many levels, and often draw support and inspiration fromContinue reading “Radical Islam Targets African Christians”