More Nigerian murders:

More Nigerian murders: New year brings wave of Fulani attacks and kidnappings in central Nigeria Thirteen Christians died and three others were badly wounded when Fulani herdsmen suddenly attacked a village in Plateau – after living nearby ‘peacefully for a long time’. About 20 armed herdsmen attacked the mainly Christian village of Kulben in PlateauContinue reading “More Nigerian murders:”

Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria

Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria Yet another wicked murder by these cowardly thugs. 21 January 2020 Boko Haram has announced that it has killed Pastor Lawan Andimi, a leading Church figure, kidnapped in north-east Nigeria by the Islamist terrorist group on 2 January. A video announcing the pastor’s execution, which took placeContinue reading “Boko Haram murders kidnapped Church leader in Nigeria”

Ramiel Bet Tamraz begins jail sentence in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison

Ramiel Bet Tamraz begins jail sentence in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison 13 January 2020 Pastor’s son Ramiel Bet Tamraz was summoned to Iran’s Evin Prison, notorious for its harsh conditions, on 7 January to begin a jail sentence for “acting against national security”. The 35-year-old was given a four-month sentence, although the one month he has alreadyContinue reading “Ramiel Bet Tamraz begins jail sentence in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison”

Pray for China-world’s largest Communist state.

(Voice of the Persecuted) Pray for pastor Wang Yi to be released from Prison. China Population: 1.4 billion Christians 97million. The management of religious affairs is with the Communist Party, which is also the Government. You can’t distinguish one from the other. When president Xi Jingpin came to power he started crackdowns and persecution againstContinue reading “Pray for China-world’s largest Communist state.”

Cameroon atrocities

CAMEROON – SEVEN KILLED AND 21 YOUNG PEOPLE KIDNAPPED AS BOKO HARAM RAMPAGE CONTINUES “Helpless before the terrorists, the people had only their eyes to cry.” These were the moving words used by a Barnabas contact to describe the despair of defenceless Christians who lost what little they possessed when Boko Haram extremists looted theirContinue reading “Cameroon atrocities”

India’s unreached

Another one of the hundreds of Indian people groups without a viable church: Gauda in India The Hindu Gauda people live primarily in in the Indian state of Odisha. Many Gauda cultivate land that they own. Their main occupations are agricultural work and cattle herding. Educated Gauda are employed in professions like medicine, law, engineering,Continue reading “India’s unreached”

Family of Eritrean prison martyr free.

Eritrean mother of three dies in desert prison Our sister Fikadu has died in an Eritrean prison camp in 2017 within three months of her arrest. Her four children and their father Afewerki are now free and living in Canada! (2/1/2020)   Martial law in this awful country: ERITREA – Security forces shoot 28 deadContinue reading “Family of Eritrean prison martyr free.”

Chinese Church Issues Statement Following Prison Sentence of Pastor Wang Yi

Originally posted on VOICE OF THE PERSECUTED:
Early Rain Covenant Church Photo: Facebook (Voice of the Persecuted) A statement from Early Rain Covenant Church regarding the severe sentencing of Pastor Wang Yi, encouragement for other churches being persecuted and a request for prayer. Since December 9th, 2018, our church’s senior pastor Wang Yi has been imprisoned…