Pray for China-world’s largest Communist state.

Pray for pastor Wang Yi to be released from Prison.


Population: 1.4 billion Christians 97million.

The management of religious affairs is with the Communist Party, which is also the Government. You can’t distinguish one from the other.

When president Xi Jingpin came to power he started crackdowns and persecution against Christians, in both registered and unregistered chutches. Forbid Landlords to rent to Christians for meetings. It started with CCTV monitoring, finger printing and spies. Both medical workers and teachers are not allowed to have religious affiliation. No one under 18 is allowed to attend church.

Now the Party/Government moves to total control.

A new mandate entitled “Administrative Measures for Religious Groups” has been approved by the CPC and is comprised of six chapters and 41 articles dealing with the organization, functions, offices, supervision, projects and economic administration of religious communities. The new rules also seek to ensure that religious leaders support, promote and implement total submission to the Chinese Communist Party at all times.

In addition, Article 17 specifies that all religious organizations “must spread the principles and policies of the Chinese Communist Party” in everything they do. Religious groups must also engage in “supporting the socialist system, adhering to and following the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics …,” according to the restrictions. In essence, the Chinese government is insisting the church conform to it and where Christianity and the government contradict, they require Christians to forsake their beliefs in favor of the government. The government knows this is a trap as Christians place more value on the word of God than the worldly government they are under.

Pastor Wang Yi has spoken boldly against the Chinese government and for the sake of Jesus Christ. Faithwire reports that last September “shortly before he was detained, Pastor Yi personally called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to repent of his sins and come to Jesus.” This inevitably put a giant target on Yi’s back and possibly disturbed President Jinping and his government to the point of establishing new rules against Christians.

Added to this the Chinese government has an estimated 1 million Uyghur Muslims in re-education camps in NW China and among them up to 1,000 Christians who are set for worse punishment, among whom is Alimjiang Yimiti, separated from wife and family for about ten years already!

· Pray to the Lord that He will exercise His power and bring about a change in government and that they will become open to religious liberty.
· Pray to the Lord that the authorities will be overwhelmed, flooded, drowned with so much information that they are unable to use it against Christians.
· Pray to the Lord that the electronic surveillance, spy systems will break down or deliver garbled unusable data.
· Pray that the Lord will blind, confuse and distract the authorities that so that believers can worship together without being detected.
· Pray to the Lord for pastors and teachers that train disciples or future office bearers/pastors to be protected.
· Pray that Christian Internet messages and websites will not be blocked or shut down and will continue to minister to both believers and unbelievers.
· Pray to the Lord that He will guide and protect His believers to have courage, wisdom and boldness in reaching out to their neighbors.
· Pray to the Lord to give Christian NGOs favor that they will be invisible to the authorities and can continue to provide spiritual and other support to believers.
· Pray to the Lord that believers will love and forgive their persecutors.
· Pray to the Lord that the Christians know we are praying and standing in the gap for them.

· Pray that the Lord that in spite of the latest measures to suppress Christianity the Numbers of believers will increase even above expectation.Many blessings,

Andy, Prayer Moderator, Persecution Watch

Published by Julian Kennedy

Bus pass carrying 67 year old disciple of Jesus Christ. Member and deacon of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena. Married to Marianna. Son Joseph at home. Two daughters Marie Isabel and Kirsty in England. Enjoys keeping fit (including indoor rowing), watching track and field, nature and nature documentries. Got hip replacement in April 2014 and major surgery to re-align right knee in November 2017. Blessed in the Covenant love of God in Christ. Retired Emergency Medicine Specialty Doctor.

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