Felix case up tomorrow.

Prayer Alert from Christian Concern
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Prayer Alert

Felix challenges expulsion from university social work course

Please pray as High Court hears Felix’s case, starting tomorrow (3 Oct)
The High Court will tomorrow (3 October) hear the case of Felix Ngole, a Christian student who was removed from a university social work course over comments that he made on Facebook in support of biblical teaching on marriage and sexual ethics.

The Judicial Review hearing is expected to last until Wednesday (4 October).

Felix is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC). Please pray for Felix and the CLC team over the next two days.

Your partnership in prayer means so much to Felix and the CLC team – thank you.

‘Bar to office’

In 2015, during a Facebook discussion prompted by a news story about Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, Felix put forward his Christian beliefs on the issue and argued that “same sex marriage is a sin whether we like it or not. It is God’s words and man’s sentiments would not change His words”.

But nearly two months later, he received an email from a university official telling him that his comments were being investigated.

Then in February 2016, a ‘Fitness to Practise’ committee at Sheffield University removed Felix from his two-year MA course.

Tomorrow Paul Diamond, standing counsel to the Christian Legal Centre, will argue that the European Convention on Human Rights protects Felix’s Christian beliefs, and that those beliefs should not bar him from public service as a social worker.

If the decision is not overturned it may be impossible for Felix to pursue his vocation as a social worker.

Felix says that he is “determined to challenge the decision because of its wider consequences and the huge issues of freedom of religion and freedom of expression that it raises.”

“My beliefs about marriage and sexual ethics reflect mainstream, biblical understanding, shared by millions around the world. Simply expressing that understanding, in a personal capacity, on my Facebook page, cannot be allowed to become a bar to serving and helping others in a professional capacity as a social worker,” he explains.

‘Punished in the public arena’

With your help, Felix is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

Andrea Williams highlights the importance of his case:

“Felix has worked with people who identify as homosexual, treating them with respect and kindness. What he shared on his Facebook page simply reflects biblical teaching on sexual behaviour.

“He is not yet a social worker, and unless we successfully challenge this decision he will, in all likelihood, effectively be barred from social work.

“Felix was a student, who was entitled to express his views, especially ones shared by millions of people around the world. There is no evidence that his views adversely impacted his work. Quite the contrary, he was a hard-working student who should qualify in due course and be an asset to the profession.

“Sadly, this is yet another case of Christians being punished in the public arena, and of censorship of views. We will continue to help Felix challenge this, for his sake, and for the sake of so many other Christians who want to serve others in public service.

“Please join us in prayer over these next two days – a lot is at stake.”

Thank you

Thank you for supporting Felix, and for caring about what is happening in our society.

You can read more about Felix’s experience, or donate now to help us go on supporting them.

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