Ebrahim Firouzi in Iran


Pray for Ebrahim Firouzi (Iran) 


Ebrahim is on hunger strike in Iran

Our Iranian brother Ebrahim is growing weaker by the day as he continues with his hunger strike in jail.

Ebrahim is more than a month into his protest over the way the Iranian legal system is treating him and his fellow Christians, especially those with a Muslim background. His physical condition is said to be deteriorating.

Please pray that God will strengthen Ebrahim as he continues his protest in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj.

Ebrahim and a number of other prisoners were transferred to a high-security section of the jail in late-July. Officials even confiscated Ebrahim’s glasses.

This is the second time Ebrahim has been on strike: he also refused food between July 17 and 27. His first protest was against a spate of harsh and unjust sentences handed down to Christians in Iran recently; he has also spoken out about the decision to deny prisoners access to Christian literature.

Ebrahim, who was first arrested in 2013, is serving a five-year sentence for ‘acting against national security’.

  • Please pray that Ebrahim and his fellow prisoners will experience God’s peace, presence and faithfulness in new ways. Ask God to sustain Ebrahim physically until he feels able to end his protest.
  • Pray that God will recall to prisoners’ minds key verses from the Bible to comfort and strengthen them, especially if they are denied access to Christian literature.
  • Pray that the Iranian authorities will have a change of heart and end their harsh treatment of Christians.


 Ebrahim Firouzi from Iran. Ebrahim is a former Muslim who has been arrested several times for telling people about Jesus. He has been in prison since March 2013 and is due for release in January 2020.
Read the full Prayer Profile, which includes details about Ebrahim’s arrest and sentence, his family, prison conditions and daily prayer points. This Christian activist previously on 03-July 2013 detained by Robatkarim City revolutionary court on charges of propagating material against Islamic republic, launching and leading deceptive Christian evangelical organizations, connection with the anti-Islamic revolution elements in abroad, setting up the Christianity internet sites, was sentenced for one year in prison and two years of exile to Sarbaz township, one of the most deprived and disadvantaged areas of the Sistan-Baluchestan province.


In late February, Anousheh Reza-bakhsh and her son Soheil Zagarzadeh Sani (both former Muslims) were arrested by Revolutionary Guards in the city of Urmia.

Read the full story

Listen to his latest testimony:

‘My freedom and getting out of prison cannot be my only purpose. We think especially about the suffering of new believers. If my being in prison stirs the international community to work to prevent such future persecution of new believers, then my choice is to remain in prison.’

Thank God for Ebrahim’s witness and encouragement to us to stand firm in our faith. Please remember his family who are concerned for his wellbeing.




Published by Julian Kennedy

Bus pass carrying 65 year old disciple of Jesus Christ. Member of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena. Married to Marianna. Son Joseph at home. Two daughters Marie Isabel and Kirsty in England. Enjoys keeping fit, watching track and field, nature and nature documentries. Got hip replacement on Saturday 5th April 2014 awaiting major surgery to re-align right knee. Blessed in the Covenant love of God in Christ. Retired Emergency Medicine Specialty Doctor.

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