Aisling Hubert’s battle against gender abortion–costs paid!


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Court rules Aisling Hubert must pay huge costs

These have been paid!!

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Personal message

By God’s grace, you’ve done it!

Thanks to your generosity, I can pay the costs awarded against me

Dear friends,

I’m writing with some exciting news about our battle to bring ‘gender–abortion’ doctors to justice. 
You may remember that after my attempt to prosecute two doctors was derailed by the Crown Prosecution Service, I was ordered to pay a huge sum in costs. 
In January, we reached a settlement with the two doctors. But that still left me with a vast amount to pay. 
Well, today, I am pleased to tell you that, thanks to your generosity, we have received enough money to pay those costs in full, and to make a contribution to the overall cost of running the case and the ongoing battle to protect life.
I am overwhelmed by your generosity, and give great thanks to God. Thank you so much.
Watch Aisling’s ‘thank you’ message

‘Stood alongside me, every step of the way’

Without the Christian Legal Centre, and your support, we could never have got as far as we have. In fact, I could never even have started.
And throughout, I have been humbled by your encouragement, your prayers, your partnership in contacting MPs, and your generous donations.
You have stood alongside me every step of the way because, like me, you care about God’s precious gift of life, and want to speak up for those who don’t have a voice.
This was never just ‘my’ case. It was all of ours – all of us who believe that life needs to be protected and the evil of abortion exposed.
It’s been a long journey but together we have walked it. We’ve kept the issue of abortion in the public spotlight and through the media, we’ve spoken to millions of people about the reality of abortion.   And I believe that by refusing to ‘keep quiet and go away’, we’ve made it harder for the authorities to ignore these evils in the future.
Thank you for making all this possible.
Watch Aisling’s ‘thank you’ message

‘Thank you for your amazing support’

I am so grateful to Andrea and her team at the Christian Legal Centre. They have given hours of expertise, working tirelessly and sacrificially, never counting the cost or allowing me to carry the burden alone.
The Christian Legal Centre has never charged me a penny, despite the huge resources it has poured into this case over the last three years.
I am so thankful to you for making all this possible.  
This chapter is coming to a close, but the battle for life continues. Later this year, we mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act. Since then, well over 8 million babies have lost their lives in the UK through abortion.   Now is not the time to shrink back. More than ever we need to fight to protect God’s precious gift of life. Let’s seek the Lord’s guidance for the next stage.   But thank you for the sacrifices that you have already made to stand up for unborn children. Thank you for your amazing support for me, Andrea and the Christian Legal Centre – it really is making a difference.

Aisling Hubert

Watch Aisling’s ‘thank you’ message
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Stand for life by helping us raise the funds with Aisling
Thank you for praying for Aisling ahead of her costs hearing.
On Tuesday (17 January) Aisling went to court to challenge £36,000 of the costs that were awarded against her after she tried to bring two ‘gender-abortion’ doctors to justice.
The judge said he could not amend or reduce the costs. Instead a settlement was reached for the amount Aisling has to pay. She now has until 18 August to pay the agreed amount.
The terms of the settlement are confidential due to the wishes of the parties other than Aisling.
Aisling says that she will continue to fight for justice for the most vulnerable in society, despite having to pay huge legal costs.
Donate to help Aisling

‘The fight is not over’

We must raise the funds to pay these costs for Aisling, and continue the fight against ‘gender-abortion’.
She says:
“These little girls’ lives are infinitely valuable, so in a sense the costs mean nothing.
“This case has shown that doctors are willing to kill innocent girls not just abroad, but right here in the UK, and do it for money. Yet nobody is prosecuting them.
“The costs awarded against me are unjust, but I hope to raise the funds and continue to stand up for preborn girls.
“I’m glad that this case has now reached its end but the fight is not over. I will continue to seek justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.”
Learn more about Aisling’s story

We’ve come a long way

Tuesday’s settlement means that a two year legal battle has now finished. In this time:

But we’ve got a long way to go

Despite these victories, there is a long way to go:

  • No one has yet been prosecuted for ‘gender-abortion’, even though the Crown Prosecution Service had enough evidence to prosecute Dr Sivaraman and Dr Rajmohan
  • MPs rejected an explicit ban on ‘gender-abortion’ after strong opposition from the pro-abortion lobby
  • We must help Aisling raise funds to pay the huge and unjust legal costs awarded against her
  • 200,000 babies are still killed every year by abortion doctors in the United Kingdom

We need to work together to end this horrific practice and help mothers and fathers who feel it is their only option.

This is our battle

Thank you for standing with Aisling. We long to see an end to ‘gender-abortion’. But we all need to work together in order to make an impact.
Will you help us raise the funds to pay Aisling’s costs?
Yes, I want to help Aisling

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