A virtually unreached people in Europe! They suffered awfully during the Balkan Wars under the orthodox Serbs

Bosniak in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosniaks are typically characterized by their tie to the Bosnian historical region, traditional adherence to Islam, and common culture and language. Once spread throughout the regions they inhabited, various instances of ethnic cleansing and genocide have had a tremendous effect on the territorial distribution of their population. Partially due to this, a notable Bosniak Diaspora exists in a number of countries.

Ministry Obstacles
The Bosniaks have experienced much harm over many years from those who have called themselves Christians. This isn’t easy to overcome.

Outreach Ideas
Christians need to build friendships with the Bosniaks, serving their physical and material needs as that is possible.

Pray for the followers of Christ
There are a few followers of Christ among the Bosniaks. Pray they will be bold in their witness for Christ, yet loving and tactful. Pray they will live holy lives, zealous to know and serve Jesus Christ.

Pray for the entire people group
Pray that the Bosniaks will hunger to find out more about the man Isa (Jesus), referred to in the Koran. Pray the Lord will open their eyes to his true nature, and will draw many Bosniaks to himself.

Scripture Focus
“But indeed, as I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.” Numbers 14:21

Bosnian Bible



Published by Julian Kennedy

Bus pass carrying 67 year old disciple of Jesus Christ. Member and deacon of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena. Married to Marianna. Son Joseph at home. Two daughters Marie Isabel and Kirsty in England. Enjoys keeping fit (including indoor rowing), watching track and field, nature and nature documentries. Got hip replacement in April 2014 and major surgery to re-align right knee in November 2017. Blessed in the Covenant love of God in Christ. Retired Emergency Medicine Specialty Doctor.

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