Still time for you to help…India’s proposed “anti-conversion” laws will attack Christians and others.

Putting “anti-conversion” restrictions into India’s national legal code would be an unjust and regrettable move.
Such a law could send a message to the majority Hindu population that the persecution of religious minorities in India is, somehow, protected by the state.
Obviously, this could worsen the intolerance trouble India is now experiencing.
As we know from painful experience in Pakistan, blasphemy laws, there, are routinely used to wrongly jail and harass Christians and other religious minorities.
For India, this would be a grave irony given its recent history of relative communal (sectarian) harmony.
Please stand with the Christians, and other religious minorities of India, by signing this petition against proposed “anti-conversion”


Since we first wrote to you, India has been forced to face its rising intolerance, as nearly 200 of the country’s leading intellectuals have released a scathing statement condemning the “resolute silence” of the Indian Government to acts of violence against cultural and religious minorities. Please click on the link below to read all of the news from the last two weeks.

Specifically, the intellectuals’ manifesto said that the Government’s “negligible response” on such matters amounts to the, “encouragement to greater hostility and aggression, especially against religious and caste minorities.”

This was huge news in India. And, perhaps, this national outcry on religious intolerance has delayed the BJP’s plans to introduce “anti-conversion” measures on the national level.

But, a delay is not good enough. We now are, therefore, calling on the BJP to, not just delay, but decisively scrap plans for the introduction of these “anti-conversion” measures.

Please sign here:
Although “anti-conversion” measures already exist in 6 of India’s 29 states, this would be the first time a national or federal law would seek to restrict an individual Indian’s religious liberty, which, theoretically, has protection under the Indian Constitution.

One of the proponents of the new law is quoted as saying: “The bill will advocate for a non-bailable warrant to be issued against the person found engaged in the act [of conversion], along with a ten-year jail [sentence]“.

So, this could well mean serious jail-time for Christians who simply express their belief in Christ.

In fact, India has a huge population of religious minorities. And, these groups are all made up of individual people.

Please sign this urgent petition, to say NO to India’s “anti-conversion” law:
As the US State Department’s “International Religious Freedom Report 2014” shows, “anti-conversion” laws, at the state level in India, have been used by local authorities to harass religious minority populations – usually with trumped-up charges.

The proposed measures are clearly not in keeping with fundamental human rights and human dignity. And, any BJP attempt to nationalize these bad laws should be firmly rejected.

With these issues in mind, we again call on the BJP to scrap its plans for a national “anti-conversion” law.

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole team at CitizenGO

PS – Please go to the petition page for more information about the recent intervention by India’s academics, and film star, Amir Khan. Examples will illustrate how “anti-conversion” laws, on the state level, are already used to harass religious minorities.

PPS – As the legislation has not yet been presented before the Indian Parliament, there is still time to affect the outcome. Please sign and share this petition now. Thank you!

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