Christian Mother Abducted and Forced to Convert to Islam by Muslim Landlord

Lord do not let them get away with this and please may she return to her family.


Her family with legal rep.

ICC Note:

In Pakistan, abduction and forced conversion of Christian women remains one of the top issues faced by the Pakistani Christian community. According to several reports, an estimated 700 Christian women are abducted, raped, converted to Islam, and then married to their rapist every year in Pakistan. Christian women and families facing this often have no recourse do the discrimination against Christians in Pakistan’s police force. Despite being widespread and well documented, this issue is often ignored or forgotten, which has allowed this abuse to continue and proliferate.  

7/30/2015 Pakistan (Christian Post) – A young Pakistani Christian mother of three has been abducted and raped by her 55-year-old Muslim landlord who forced her to convert to Islam and enter into Islamic marriage. Her family has demanded her return.

Fouzia Sadiq, a Christian woman who is believed to be in her mid-20s, was kidnapped last Thursday from a field located in the Pakistani town of Burj Mahalam in the Punjab province by a Muslim landlord named Muhammed Nazir. Nazir tricked Sadiq’s father into agreeing to have his family work as bonded laborers on his land with no pay and only the provision of a run-down housing accommodation.

Although details of the abduction have not been made public, early reports state that Sadiq’s family was told by Nazir’s brother on the day of the abduction that their daughter would be returned.

As their daughter was not returned the next day, the family went to the landlord’s house and demanded the return of Sadiq, but were told by Nazir that Sadiq had converted to Islam and entered into a marriage with him.

The British Pakistani Christian Association said the family was told by the landlord their daughter is now “his property” and threatened the family not to say anything or make this a legal issue.

“The pain felt by our sisters in Pakistan wounds the heart of our community,” BPCA Chairman Wilson Chowdhry said in a statement issued to the The Christian Post.

“The Latest victim, Fouzia Bibi, was a mother of three yet she may still be forced to remain in the forced Islamic marriage, despite existing legal precedents from Lahore High court which clearly state a ‘married Christian woman cannot be remarried to a Muslim even if converted.'”

Chowdhry told CP Sadiq’s family attempted to file an information report with the local police department but a senior police officer refused to file the report and now the family is terrified.

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