Prayer for the salvation of Jews as their day of atonement becons.

If your name’s not down you’re not coming in…

If you had to make up for all the sinful thoughts, words and deeds of the past twelve months how would you set about doing it? Where would you start? What if you only had ten days to do it? This is the challenge Jewish people across the world will face in the next few days.

Rosh Hashanah, which this year begins on 24 September, is traditionally celebrated as the Jewish New Year’s Day. The blast of the Shofar which marks the beginning of the festival is intended to jolt its hearers from their slumber and cause them to remember who they really are by remembering who God really is. It marks the beginning of the Days of Awe leading up to Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) when Jewish folk commit to ten days of penitence for the previous year’s sins in a bid to ensure a place for their name in the Book of Life.

According to Jewish tradition, the destiny of the righteous, the tzaddikim, is written in the Book of Life while the destiny of the wicked, the resha’im, is written in the Book of Death. However, most people are not inscribed in either book but have ten days – until Yom Kippur – to repent before sealing their fate. As if this daunting task wasn’t enough, post-Yom Kippur they will be left wondering whether they have fasted enough, prayed enough or repented enough to have their names inscribed in the right book. The reality of the situation, according to God’s Word, is that no amount of praying, fasting or repenting ever saved anybody. A price for sin is required which we simply cannot pay ourselves. Despite their best efforts, Jewish people, the same as everyone else, have a problem which cannot be solved through pious works alone.

Christian Witness to Israel has been committed to presenting Jewish people around the world with the solution to the problem of their sin for over 170 years. The good news that the long awaited, Messiah of Israel not only came 2,000 years ago but also offered himself as a once-for all sacrifice and permanent atonement for sin is news which so many Jewish people desperately need to hear, particularly at this solemn time of year. Pray with us that through the efforts of our missionaries, the number of Jewish people seeking a place in the Book of Life by atoning for their own sins through their own efforts will be dramatically reduced come this time next year.

Our heart’s desire

Christian Witness to Israel will be joining with the other major Jewish missions based in the UK on Saturday 4 October for a Yom Kippur Day of Prayer in London. You are invited to join us as we lift the Jewish people up to the God of Israel and to their Messiah, the only One who can truly make atonement for their sins. The meeting will be taking place at City Temple, Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2DE between 10am and 4pm. Click here to download a flyer for the event or contact CWI head office on 01959 565955 or by email to for further information.

Will you partner with us?

Your prayers and support are vital in helping us hasten the day when, as the apostle Paul puts it, we will see ‘all Israel’ being saved. Our desire is to see an increasing number of trained missionaries not only taking the good news of Messiah to Jewish people wherever they might be but also equipping the church to reach out to their Jewish friends and neighbours for themselves.

Note how “all Israel” is misconstrued!

Published by Julian Kennedy

Bus pass carrying 67 year old disciple of Jesus Christ. Member and deacon of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena. Married to Marianna. Son Joseph at home. Two daughters Marie Isabel and Kirsty in England. Enjoys keeping fit (including indoor rowing), watching track and field, nature and nature documentries. Got hip replacement in April 2014 and major surgery to re-align right knee in November 2017. Blessed in the Covenant love of God in Christ. Retired Emergency Medicine Specialty Doctor.

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