Sultanate of Oman





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Population     3 million

Capital       Muscat 650,000

Most of workforce expatriates (25% pop)

Peoples: Arab 67%  Persian 17%  South Asian 14%


Islam state religion (88%) Hindu 7% Christan 3%-proselytism forbidden. But a progressive society unlike Saudi Arabia.

Muslim 89% Hindu 7% “Christian” 3%

Freedom of worship. Education improving.

Almost all believers are ex-pats but Omanis are being converted. PRAY for spiritual openness and for the gospel to impact all levels and peoples including the semi-nomadic. 2000 Omanis study abroad-pray for witness to them.

Family and community loyalty is very strong and Omanis don’t want to bring shame to either, this can cause issues for any who want to follow Christ and share their faith. Pray for new believers. Scattered believers need to meet and be gathered into churches.

Means of outreach: Radio (108 hours per week)/Internet/Phones-Facebook and texting.

Samuel Zwemer, a Reformed Missionary founded a key hospital here in 1890.

Any Muslim converts would face huge pressure.

Several Christian girls from a muslim background are being kept under house arrest by their families.

6/6/16 Recently one of these Salma has been allowed by family to return to work. May the Lord guide and provide for her in her lonely pilgrimage.


Published by Julian Kennedy

Bus pass carrying 65 year old disciple of Jesus Christ. Member of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church, Ballymena. Married to Marianna. Son Joseph at home. Two daughters Marie Isabel and Kirsty in England. Enjoys keeping fit, watching track and field, nature and nature documentries. Got hip replacement on Saturday 5th April 2014 awaiting major surgery to re-align right knee. Blessed in the Covenant love of God in Christ. Retired Emergency Medicine Specialty Doctor.

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